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My name is Alison Gann and I live in East Sussex with my husband and have four grown up children. I am a chef by trade. My interest in painting started over 20 years ago where I studied glass painting whilst living in London; wine glasses and vases in particular. I loved the way the bright colours reflected on the glass and changed the dimension of the way it looked. It has always been very therapeutic to me to paint and have recently moved onto acrylic painting on canvases.


I’m very much interested in abstract art, a free flowing order of disorder of colour and expression using dramatic colours and different techniques to achieve my vision. Such as pouring, swipe and sponge effect. I also love to use gold leaf for added effect and lightness. I sometimes have an idea in my mind for creating a new painting but more often than not it ends up being a totally different design concept, this all adds to the drama and creative vibe. I love creating new pieces and practice different techniques regularly. 

Art By Alison Logo


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